Using BMEG to get matrix data

Many vertices in the BMEG contain complex data that can be collected and converted into matrix data.

Download RNA-Seq for cohort:TCGA-READ

import pandas
import aql

conn = aql.Connection("")
O = conn.graph("bmeg")

c = O.query().V().where(aql.eq("_label", "Individual"))
c = c.where(aql.and_(aql.eq("source", "tcga"), aql.eq("disease_code", "READ")))
c = c.in_("sampleOf").in_("expressionFor")
c = c.render(["$.biosampleId", "$.expressions"])

data = {}
for row in c:
    data[row[0]] = row[1]
samples = pandas.DataFrame(data).transpose().fillna(0.0)