Jobs API

Not all queries return instantaneously, additionally some queries elements are used repeatedly. The query Jobs API provides a mechanism to submit graph traversals that will be evaluated asynchronously and can be retrieved at a later time.

Submitting a job

job = G.query().V().hasLabel("Planet").out().submit()

Getting job status

jinfo = G.getJob(job["id"])

Example job info:

  "id": "job-326392951",
  "graph": "test_graph_qd7rs7",
  "state": "COMPLETE",
  "count": "12",
  "query": [{"v": []}, {"hasLabel": ["Planet"]}, {"as": "a"}, {"out": []}],
  "timestamp": "2021-03-30T23:12:01-07:00"

Reading job results

for row in G.readJob(job["id"]):

Search for jobs

Find jobs that match the prefix of the current request (example should find job from G.query().V().hasLabel(“Planet”).out())

jobs = G.query().V().hasLabel("Planet").out().out().count().searchJobs()

If there are multiple jobs that match the prefix of the search, all of them will be returned. It will be a client side job to decide which of the jobs to use as a starting point. This can either be the job with the longest matching prefix, or the most recent job. Note, that if the underlying database has changed since the job was run, adding additional steps to the traversal may produce inaccurate results.

Once job has been selected from the returned list you can use these existing results and continue the traversal.

for res in G.resume(job["id"]).out().count():