Basic Auth

By default, an GRIP server allows open access to its API endpoints, but it can be configured to require basic password authentication. To enable this, include users and passwords in your config file:

    - User: testuser
      Password: abc123

Make sure to properly protect the configuration file so that it's not readable by everyone:

$ chmod 600 grip.config.yml

To use the password, set the GRIP_USER and GRIP_PASSWORD environment variables:

$ export GRIP_USER=testuser
$ export GRIP_PASSWORD=abc123
$ grip list

Using the Python Client

Some GRIP servers may require authorizaiton to access its API endpoints. The client can be configured to pass authorization headers in its requests:

import gripql

# Basic Auth Header - {'Authorization': 'Basic dGVzdDpwYXNzd29yZA=='}
G = gripql.Connection("", user="test", password="password").graph("bmeg")

Although GRIP only supports basic password authentication, some servers may be proctected via a nginx or apache server. The python client can be configured to handle these cases as well:

import gripql 

# Bearer Token - {'Authorization': 'Bearer iamnotarealtoken'}
G = gripql.Connection("", token="iamnotarealtoken").graph("bmeg")

# OAuth2 / Custom - {"OauthEmail": "", "OauthAccessToken": "iamnotarealtoken", "OauthExpires": 1551985931}
G = gripql.Connection("",  credential_file="~/.grip_token.json").graph("bmeg")